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SCP - Containment Breach is a free and open source indie supernatural horror video game developed by Joonas Rikkonen (Regalis). It is based on the paranormal fictional stories of the SCP Foundation website. The game is played in 3D from a first person perspective and the protagonist is a human test subject labeled D-9341 in an SCP Foundation facility devoted to containing and researching. SCP-096, also known as The Shy Guy, The Tall Man, or The Crying Man is a hostile humanoid SCP in SCP - Containment Breach.. Description. SCP-096 is a humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height. Subject shows very little muscle mass, with preliminary analysis of body mass suggesting mild malnutrition

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  1. SCP-087 is a staircase that appears to descend forever. The staircase is inhabited by SCP-087-1, which is described as a face without a mouth, pupils or nostrils. SCP-108 is a Nazi bunker system that is only accessible through a portal found in a woman's nose. SCP-173 is a humanoid statue composed of rebar, concrete and Krylon spray paint
  2. Zkratka SCP má více významů: . Středisko cenných papírů - dřívější český úřad, zřízený na základě zákona 591/1992 Sb., o cenných papírech, nahrazen CDCP; Speciálně-pedagogické centrum - jeden z typů školských poradenských zařízení, vedle pedagogicko-psychologickými poraden a středisek výchovné péče; Secure Copy - zabezpečený protokol pro přenos.
  3. Documentation #096-1, of Experiment 096-1. Experiment 096-1 is headed by Dr. Dan. Purpose is to test SCP-096's abilities while obtaining complete physical description of SCP-096.. D-9031 is a 32-year-old convicted felon and former tattoo artist
  4. ve hře to jsou scp-008, scp-012, scp-049, scp-066, scp-079, scp-096, scp-173, scp-178, scp-205, scp-294, scp-372, scp-513, scp-966, scp-970 a scp-1162. Keter Editovat Objekty třídy Keter jsou anomálie, které je obtížné uskladnit důsledně nebo spolehlivě, kvůli nedostatečnému prozkoumání nebo nadace SCP nevlastní technologie se.
  5. SCP-096, also known as the Shy Guy, is a Euclid-class object contained by the SCP Foundation. It is mainly known for its psychoanalytical appliance and screams. 1 Biography 1.1 Incident 096-1-A 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 In Video-Games 4.1 SCP - Containment Breach 4.2 SCP: Secret Laboratory 4.3 SCP - Containment Breach (Unity Remake) 5 In Movies 5.1 SCP-096 - The Short Film 6 In Music 7.
  6. SOURCE: http://containmentbreach.wikia.com/wiki/SCP-096Intro: https://youtu.be/LFtrLDjYJ5cThanks for watching! If you would like to see better content and/or..
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Benvenuti, sono il Dr. D. Ferdinand, nella lezione di oggi visioneremo il documento relativo a SCP-096. Questo video è basato su SCP-096, opera di Dr Dan e t.. SCP-096 is a Euclid-class anomalous humanoid in the containment of the SCP Foundation. It has the appearance of a greatly deformed humanoid body, with no pigmentation, hair, or significant body mass. Typically, it wanders around its containment chamber aimlessly, without any desire to escape. However, once its face is viewed, it enters an intense rage state, where it frantically covers its. SCP-096 is a humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height. Subject shows very little muscle mass, with preliminary analysis of body mass suggesting mild malnutrition. Arms are grossly out of proportion with the rest of the subject's body, with an approximate length of 1.5 meters each. Skin is mostly devoid of pigmentation, with no sign of any body hair. SCP-096's jaw can.

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  1. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.: Attribution: Joonas Rikkonen You are free: to share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix - to adapt the work; Under the following conditions: attributio
  2. utesbefore running towards the person who saw it no matter how far away they are, even if said glimpse was.
  3. SCP - Containment Breach is a free and open source indie supernatural horror video game developed by Joonas Rikkonen (Regalis). It is based on the paranormal fictional deep web stories of the SCP Foundation website. The game is played in 3D from a first person perspective and the protagonist is a human test subject labeled D-9341 in a SCP Foundation facility devoted to containing and.
  4. SCP-096 is a pale entity with extremely thin muscles and little fat.The creature seems to be in a permanent state of depression but in a breaking point when glared at it's face, when breaking up he is stuck in position and screams in agony, eventually speeding towards the person which looked at it's face (SCP-096-1) and tearing them into pieces. MTF ETA-10, also known as See No Evil can't.
  5. Game Gameplay Storyline More... 173 106 096 079 049 914 035 012 895 966 860 939 More... D-9341 Class-Ds Guards Scientists MTFs More... Light Zone Heavy Zone Entrance Gate A Gate B Pocket Dimension More... Gas Mask Keycards Documents S-Nav Radio First Aid Kit More... Achievements Music Console Map Creator Devs Voice Actors Version History Unused Content Welcome to the SCP - Containment Breach.
  6. SCP-096. Edit. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Hey everyone! This is my first creepypasta. I hope you will enjoy it. Hello my name is Hudson and I want to tell you a new terrible sighting in Minecraft. I just started to make a new world named my scp foundation. When I spawned I started to get some wood of course

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SCP-096. View source. History Comments Share. Item #: SCP-049 Object Speciality: Charge/Swarm Special Countering Procedure: To Counter SCP-049 you must stay far away from him always, SCP-049 is vulnerable from attack when SCP-049 is Curing someone make sure to shoot SCP-049 or throw a grenade at SCP-049 which is more effective, Maz Hatters is. SCP-205, referred to as the Shadow Lamps, are harmful SCP objects encountered inSCP - Containment Breach. SCP-205 is a pair of flood lamps used in photography. If the light continues uninterrupted through any matter, otherwise casting no shadow, each lamp will display an unidentified young woman's shadow upon any flat white surface, such as the projection screen in their containment chamber. SCP-173 is a Euclid class SCP and the very first being captured by the SCP Foundation. It can move at a very high speed and can snap the neck of any life form. It is also the main antagonist of SCP - Containment Breach. 1 Biography 1.1 Origin 2 In Videogames 2.1 SCP - Containment Breach 2.2 SCP: Secret Laboratory 2.3 SCP-Containment Breach (Unity Remake) 3 In Online Series 3.1 SCP: Sedition 4. SCP Foundatio

SCP-096 appears to be an unusually thin, pale humanoid. Its arms are extremely elongated, along with its jaw, which can open up to four (4) times the average maximum size of a regular human's jaw. Its skin and eyes seem to be void of any pigmentation. It seems to be suffering heavy malnutrition, for its ribs and spine are very visible through the skin. It is unknown how SCP-096 manages to stay. SCP-173 is a hostile SCP. It is currently removed from the game. 1 Description 2 Abilities 3 Trivia 4 Gallery SCP-173 is a hostile statue constructed from concrete and rebar. SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. It attacks by breaking or snapping its victims neck. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight, but can move a sizeable distance in the literal blink of an eye. SCP-096 je pod označením Euclid, takže dokáže být člověku poměrně nebezpečný.Jeho přezdívkou je The Shy Guy, což je spojeno především s jeho obličejem. Pozor: Následující část textu může obsahovat vyzrazení děje a osudu postavy SCP-079 (SCP - Containment Breach).jpg 2,006 × 2,030; 2.07 MB SCP-093 Recovered Materials.jpg 581 × 819; 135 KB SCP-096 (SCP - Containment Breach).jpg 1,280 × 800; 41 K

The SCP-096 page was originally written on 17 March 2010, a little over a year before the Enderman. SO it's interesting how similar the sounds are from the Enderman and from the game Containment Breach, because both sources made up their own sounds based on the original text, rather than copying or mimicking a sound found elsewhere The Central Autonomic Service System for Internal Emergencies, also known as C.A.S.S.I.E. is an automatic service system that is used for the management and mitigation of emergencies that occur within Site-02.C.A.S.S.I.E. will make announcements throughout the facility during an emergency. These announcements can range from warning everyone in Light Containment Zone about the Decontamination. SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer horror game currently in development by Northwood Studios, based on Undertow Games' SCP: Containment Breach and Garry's Mod's Breach gamemode. The game features playable 6 teams: Class-Ds, Scientists, Facility Guards, Mobile Task Force, Chaos Insurgents and the SCPs, each one with their own objectives. The randomly generated facility and class division. SCP-001, the first SCP in the numerical list, does not have one canonical page, but rather a placeholder page that links to the 25 proposals, any or all of which are the true SCP-001. Message on the SCP-001 Page Edit. THE FOLLOWING FILES HAVE BEEN CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET BY ORDER OF THE ADMINISTRATO SCP-096. Item #: SCP-096. Object Class: Euclid. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-096 is to be contained in its cell, a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m airtight steel cube, at all times. Weekly checks for any cracks or holes are mandatory. There are to be absolutely no video surveillance or optical tools of any kind inside SCP-096's cell

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SCP-582's actual abilities within narrative are generally nebulous and lacking in detail. The most common format of story involves the aftermath of a manifestation of SCP-582, or a short-lived encounter with SCP-582, rather than an explanation or justification of the events scpis cool ad poaisiopfds uuhuuh olk and ok lolloo ack ack mmwemememememwe.memk. ack ac Basically, SCP-096 is a creature that really, really doesn't like to be looked at. Even taking a photograph of the creature and then looking at the creature's face on the photo will cause SCP-096 to go into a nigh-unstoppable rage SCP-310 is a 157 mm tall white candle, composed of apparently standard tallow. When not immersed in an oxygen-free medium, the wick produces a steady 24 mm tall flame. This flame can be extinguished through most conventional means: removal of oxygen, immersion in non-flammable fluid, application of sudden intense airflow. However, on the removal of the inhibitingfactor, the flame immediately. SCP-3000 is a SCP of the Class Thaumiel. It's a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eelwhich was found on the Bay of Bengal. Tier: 6-C to Low 6-B via sheer size Name: SCP-3000, Ananteshesha Origin: SCP Foundation Gender: Unknown Age: Unknown Classification: Thaumiel Class Anomalous Entity Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Mind.

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Though most SCP's are considered villainous and dangerous which are located on the Villains Wikia such as: SCP-106, SCP-173 or SCP-096. It should be noted that all of these SCPs are contained by the Foundation and are not affiliated with the Foundation's personnel. SCP-001 - A giant flaming figure that guards a gate to an unknown place SCP-092 - Vật Tốt Nhất Từ Không Gian Thứ 5 SCP-093 - Vật Thể Từ Hồng Hải SCP-094 - Đường Chân Trời Thu Nhỏ SCP-095 - Cuộc Du Hành Nguyên Tử Của Súng Laser Ronnie SCP-096 - Chàng Trai Hay Ngượng SCP-097 - Bãi Đất Trống Cũ SCP-098 - Cua Phẫu Thuật SCP-099 - Bức.

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