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Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Weapon IDs. Weapons are items used to inflict damage on other characters/players. Weapons in this category include guns (pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc), blades, swords, grenades amongst many others. Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 158 IDs WEAPON CODES: Minigun: 0001F669: Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher: 000BD56F: Flamer: ff002e24: Gatling Laser: ff002e1f: Gauss Rifle: ff0036d3: Missile Launcher: ff0031dc: Power Fist: ff0017f0: Revolutionary Sword: ff0019f9: Railway Rifle: ff0026ce: Submachine Gun: ff0031b5: Combat Shotgun: ff00268c: Walking Cane: ff001e22: Ripper: ff0031b5 Â In Fallout 4 the player is able to rename any weapon, including unique weapons, at any weapons workbench. However, the Silver submachine gun, the Survivor's Special, Ashmaker and Grognak's axe cannot be renamed, nor will they pick up any prefixes from modding

Weapons (GUNS,GRENADES) 2076 World Series Baseball Bat 000E9A43; Alien Blaster 000FF995; Anchor 00144A6C; Artillery Smoke Grenade 0012E2CA; Assault Rifle 0000463F; Assaultron Laser 000DD4B1. Fallout 4 Item Codes. tgm - God Mode (infinite health, ammo, AP) tai - Toggle all NPC AI on / off. tcai - Toggle NPC combat AI on / off. tcl - Turn NoClip mode on / off. tmm 1 - Show all markers on the map. unlock - Unlock selected door / terminal; tfc - Enable free-roaming camera; Kill - Kill the selected targe Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Weapon Mod IDs. Weapon mods are attachments like receivers, barrels, grips, magazines, sights (scopes) and muzzles. They can be attached to a weapon to provide extra functionality or improve its stats. Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 297 IDs Best Fallout 4 Item Codes. There are hundreds of weapons, collectibles, and pieces of armor to find throughout Fallout 4. Here are the most useful item codes we've found so far

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  1. Fallout 4 - the game that has many systems. You are able to use them all easily but only if you play on PC. For this you need to type some things into the developer console of this game. If you want to get some necessary items or make tweaks in the game playing by cheating, use the console commands for Fallout 4
  2. A new standalone rifle inspired by the R91, complete with custom mesh and textures! Now available with MODS! Fully custom Stock, Barrels, Sounds, Textures and Attachments now available
  3. This is a Fallout 4 cheats, tips and console command guide. It is in TABLE format (easy to read.) While playing the game, press ' or @ (~ or ` for US Layout keyboards) to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function
  4. Atoms Judgement (SUPER SLEDGE ONLY) - 0303A387 - It adds +100 Radiation damage to the weapon along with 600 base radiation damage. (This legendary modifier is having issues, it may work, it may not!) Resolute - 300DA96 - Time slows down when chambering the final round in a magazine

1 Overview 2 Close combat 2.1 Melee 2.2 Unarmed 3 Ballistic 3.1 Pistols 3.2 Shotguns 3.3 SMG 3.4 Rifles 3.5 Heavy 3.6 Special 4 Energy 4.1 Laser 4.2 Institute laser 4.3 Plasma 4.4 Gauss 4.5 Flamer 4.6 Special 5 Other 5.1 Grenades 5.2 Mines 5.3 Traps 6 References All weapons can spawn as a legendary variant with up to a single special effect. All weapon types are described here. Pistols are. For Fallout 4 on the PC, GameFAQs has 83 cheat codes and secrets In Fallout 4, Legendary weapon effects are effects applied to basic weapons that use special prefix modifiers that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Legendary weapons cannot be scrapped but can be modified and traded with vendors. They will appear on the screen when picked up and are marked with a star This page lists all Fallout 4 unique weapons and their locations. For apparel, see Fallout 4 unique apparel. Fallout 4 unique weapons - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! Gamepedia. Help . Sign In. Register

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On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Acquire all the best Nuka-World weaponry with our locations guide, detailing all the best new guns of the final Fallout 4 add-on Players have discovered hundreds of cheat codes for Fallout 4 on PC, but the Xbox One version also has its fair share of secrets. No matter which platform you're playing on, this Fallout 4 guide will help you survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic hellscape known as The Commonwealth

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  1. Fallout 4 cheats and console commands: god mode, freecam and more By PCGamer 06 May 2020 The best Fallout 4 cheats and console commands can turn you into a hundred-foot tall supersonic monster
  2. Fallout 4 has a plethora of weapons for players to choose from, but these picks have got the rest beat in terms of power and destructive ability. By Ben Baker Aug 24, 2019 Updated Sep 09, 202
  3. Fallout 4 Data Directory. 4. Activate SkibsWeapons-REDUX.esp, it can go anywhere in your load order. 5. Start the game. 6. Smoke some fools. All weapons in this pack have been added to Levelled lists via script, and can be found in shops and on enemies in the world. If you must have one immediately though you can spawn one via console
  4. General tips to playing Fallout 4 (Few spoilers) Gndlf_the_grey: 49: 12/3 5:18PM: Fallout 4 ending makes no sense: DarthDragonborn: 18: 12/3 5:05PM: Advanced character builds: Itachi11115: 11: 12/3 5:23P
  5. Welcome to Fallout 4 Console Commands where you can find the latest list of Fallout 4 console commands, cheats, companions, weapons, item codes, perks, special ranks, and achievements. Please explore and have fun! We actively maintain and update this site
  6. Fallout 1 and 2 delved into 90s weapons designs (e.g. the P90c) and the mid-90s is when the M4/Picatinny rails entered the scene. There are a lot of rifles in F:NV and I think the more modern appearance of the marksman carbine and assault carbine help visually distinguish them from the rest of the lineup in a good way

Fallout 4: List of console commands to obtain generalised items. 0004835F - Nuka- Cola Quantum; 00023742 - Rad Away; 00023736 - Stimpak; 00075FE4 ­- Fusion Core; 0000000F - Bottleca Fallout 4 item codes: All weapons + some armors. Picture. Close. 49. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Fallout 4 item codes: All weapons + some armors. Picture. CONTAINS SPOILERS DUE TO WEAPON NAMES! Too lazy to make a complete list, so went and made some screenshots instead. If nobody has got a list by tomorrow, I might start making on In the following guide for Fallout 4, we will show you all the cheats and codes for items, weapons and ammunition at a glance. The cheats only work for the PC version of Fallout 4. Tfc - Enable the Free-Roaming camera. You can move the camera freely in the game world Fallout 4 legendary weapon perks. Automatic: automatically Adds a auto fire mode to the gun. Berserker: Decreases your damage resistances whilst increasing the damage output of the weapon. Bloodied: Increased damage the lower your health gets. Cavalier: Whilst sprinting or blocking, damage is reduced by 15%. Crippling: An increased 50% more limb damage when using the weapon

Defiant - (0300DA91) - The final shot in the magazine deals twice the normal damage. Frigid - (0300DA93) - 20% chance to freeze the enemy when you block their attack. Hitman's - (0300DA98) - Does 10% more damage when looking down the sights. Resiliant - (0300DA9A) - +150 damage resistance while reloading Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game that is set within an open world post-apocalyptic environment. You take the a character referred to as the 'Sole Survivor', who emerges from a long-term cryogenic stasis in Vault 111, an underground nuclear fallout shelter Once you got the right item based on the code you have in your console, use the command to give the item to yourself. In the example of 10mm rounds, you'll get the code 0001F276; use the command.. 4. Explosive (+15% Damage with Explosives) Location: Saugus Ironworks (5:01) 5. Sneak (You are 10% harder to detect) Location: Dunwich Borers (6:19) 6. Barter (Prices are 5% better) Location: Longneck Lukowski's Cannery (8:25) 7. Intelligence (+1 Intelligence) Location: Boston Public Library (9:14) 8. Melee (+25% Critical Damage with melee weapons

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As people asking us to fallout 4 give item then lets we are sharing whole like fallout 4 resource codes with fallout 4 remove power armor, fallout 4 aluminum code and others. They first command of our list is given below. Let's check it fallout 4 add experience or all fallout 4 experience command. addItem <base id> Fallout 76 locations with weapons workbenches. Portal Fallout 4. 10 Weapon Mods You Need in Fallout 4. As you can see, there is a pretty wide variety of new weapons and tweaks to already existing weapons within the world of Fallout 4. These mods are simply the tip of the iceberg, with brand new releases occurring on a near daily basis The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Fallout 4 for PC There are a lot of weapons in Fallout 4, but not all are created equal.While standard weapons can be very good, weapons with unique or legendary effects are superior. Players can acquire legendary weapons randomly any time they kill a legendary enemy (with a star next to their name), or they can seek out the collection listed below, which are always in the game and obtainable through quests. The best weapons in Fallout 4, and where to find them By Will Fulton November 23, 2020 A lot of cool features come with playing Fallout 4 , but the weapons (and their cool names) are a major perk

There are a lot of wild new weapons in Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC, and although some of them can be unlocked by taking a quick trip to the local traders and handing over a mountain of caps, others require a bit more work to get your hands on. And to unlock their true potential, you'll need to pay careful attention to Nuka World as a whole, complete a few quests, and have a little bit of Raider. Fallout 4 Legendary and Unique Weapons and Armor guide. By Shabana Arif, Iain Wilson 26 October 2020. Be prepared for anything the wasteland throws at you with the best weapons and armor available

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If you're playing Fallout 4 on a PC, you can use some cheat codes to give yourself an edge. Start with step 1 to learn the cheat codes in Fallout 4, as well as what they do. Open the command console (all methods require this step). The.. It therefore does 1.2 * (8 + 15) = 27 (rounded down) per bullet, instead of just (1.2 * 8) + 15 = 24 damage. Fallout 4 PC Item Codes Guide - Spawn Weapons, Ammo, Materials, Vanity Items. Can be charged up to 5 times. Uniques are typically either bought from merchants or are quest rewards.. Harbor codes. Far harbor, a new addition in Fallout 4 was released in the year 2016. It's basically an expansion in which the player is supposed to investigate the dissappearance of a young girl through a detective agency. So, along with the puzzles and quests' completion in this game, you will be needing these harbor codes Mind blown: in Fallout 4, you can rename your weapons, and the naming system supports basic HTML codes.. The video above was shared by shadowmar on Twitter, and shows bold, italic and bullet point.

Fallout 4 - PC Console Commands and Cheat Codes; Fallout 4 - PC Error, Issue, Crash, Low FPS, Mouse Issue Missing FileFix; Fallout 4 - Were to Find Unique Weapons Location Guide; Here we have the list of all the legendary weapons and armors that you can get in the game, after defeating legendary enemies. Legendary Weapons Effects. Weapons in Fallout 4 can be found in many different ways. Players can customize weapons further by applying Weapon Mods through Crafting.This can sometimes change them into different Weapons completely. There are over 50 base weapons and over 700 mods available You summon any item or NPC from thin air, or make yourself immortal with a few Fallout 4 console commands and cheats. By pressing the tilde key (~), you can unlock the console, a gateway that lets you give yourself superpowers, spawn weapons and monsters, change your stats and attributes, speed up time, and complete the game with one tap of the Enter key Best Sniper Weapons in Fallout 4 For the sake of this post I will be including unique and legendary weapons that are a guarantee spawn in every game. So for example, something like the Overseer's Guardian will be eligible for this list because it is obtainable in every playthrough

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Alright, so the Junk Jet doesn't quite boast the level of exotic interest conjured by other weapons in Fallout 4 but the fact its ammo is limited by only the supply of your junk makes it one of the more unique weapons in the game. Righteous Authority - Laser Rifle Fallout 4 Cheats: Alle Codes im Überblick Die Cheats funktionieren nur für die PC-Version von Fallout 4. Ihr gebt sie über die Konsole ein, die ihr standardmäßig auf deutschen Tastaturen. Fallout 4 Unique Weapons Locations. These are exceptionally powerful weapons which possess certain bonus effects. In order to acquire these special weapons, you need to purchase them from vendors.

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Get the latest Fallout 4 cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, achievements, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for Xbox One (X1). CheatCodes.com has all you need to win every game you play! Use the above links or scroll down see all to the Xbox One cheats we have available for Fallout 4 Home » Fallout 4 » Best Unique & Rare Weapons in Fallout 4 Unique / Rare weapons are the strongest, most useful, and generally the best weapons in Fallout 4 . They grant the player special bonuses, like making the target stagger more often, or irradiating/poisoning them

Fallout 3 Add Perk and Add Items codes. If you want Fallout 3 weapons and ammo codes, armor codes, book and schematics codes, perks and quest perk codes then you are on the right page. We have all these; Weapons and Ammos codes.32 Pistol - 0000080A.44 Magnum - 00050F92 Thank you for printing this page from www.SuperCheats.com. Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Fallout 4 Print this page More Guides Legendary Weapon Prefixe FALLOUT 4: Top 5 BEST Quality of Life CONSOLE MODS! (Xbox One Mods That Make Life Easier!) - Duration: 11:41. jayvee 506,653 view Fallout 4: Weapons Mods The Basics of Tweaking Guns for Different Situations Weapon Mods allow hundreds of different weapons to be made in Fallout 4. This Sniper Rifle is quite powerful and has served my mid-level character very well. Depending how far you are in the game, this guide may or may not be helpful to you

Fallout 4 VR Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Home If you´re an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 25.300 Games, this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. All Cheats inside from. Fallout 4 has tons of weapons. Furthermore, Fallout 4 has tons of modifications that can be added to aforementioned weapons. That said, adding mods to pre-existing, already amazing weapons would surely be your best choice. Fear no more, for we are here to guide you in your search for the best weapons

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Buy Fallout 4 Weapons Ammo Console Codes And How To Get Healing Ammo Monster Hunter 4 Fallout 4 Weapons Ammo Console Codes And How To Get Healing Ammo Monster Fallout 4 has a room with all the weapons and items, and it's easy to find Fallout 4's the type of game that's dripping with secrets for the community to discover. Its open world holds so much. Cheats and Item Codes in Fallout 4 can be used to enable godmode, infinite weapon ammo, Kill all NPCs and more. Once the wasteland gets a little hard to survive, you can open up the console command in PC and try one of the cheats below. This Fallout 4 Cheats guide will show you how to enable the Console Command and activate cheat codes

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The 25 Strongest Weapons In Fallout 4 (And Where To Find Them) Fallout 4 is home to a multitude of spooky enemies so it's best to pack some serious firepower. Here are 25 of the strongest weapons in the game! By Zooey Norman Dec 23, 2018. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment Fallout 4 NPC and Enemy Spawn Codes Guide This guide will try to compile a complete list of all the codes for spawning in NPCs. This includes enemy and wild NPCs and than possibly work on a list of companion, friendly, and random NPCs etc

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In the Fallout world, megaton-class thermonuclear weapons had largely been retired by the major nuclear powers in favor of much smaller-yield warheads by the time of the Great War.An average strategic warhead in 2077 had a yield of about 200-750 kilotons, because of a massive increase in radioactive fallout in place of thermal shock, much like a salted bomb in our own world Fallout 4 Cheat Codes: ----- Submitted by: David K. The console is no longer enabled with the ~ (tilde) button. It is now enabled with the ' button to the left of the return key. Some users may find that the ~ (tilde) key is still the correct key with which to access the console Legendary Weapons are Weapons in Fallout 4 that are dropped from Legendary Enemies and feature a randomized effect. You can find a list of them here along with what they do and where their location is. These are not the same as Unique Weapons which have special names and bonus effects. Legendary Weapons are regular weapons dropped with a random Legendary Effect Like the other games on pc, Fallout 4 has Console Commands and Cheat Codes that you can use in the game. You can use these commands to modify your game and gameplay and with cheat codes you can get some general items as well as weapons and armor also

Fallout 4 Perks Guide List of All Perks, Effects, and Benefits. Having written guides to all 7 Stats in Fallout 4 and all of their Perks, I thought players might appreciate having all of them listed in one place as a reference. You can go to the individual Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck pages to learn how the Stats themselves affect your character. The internet is all abuzz about Fallout 4, which released today.And there's good news for those of you playing it on PC: the cheat codes have surfaced! Sure, you can still play without them, but deep down, don't you secretly want to mess around with the game Weapons in Fallout 4 can be changed so drastically, you'll forget what they looked like in the first place. You can turn a regular pistol into a shotgun or a sniper rifle. Here's how the process works: You need to find a Weapons Workbench. You need to have the appropriate perk - Gun Nut for regular weapons, Science for energy ones. You.

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Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.It is the fourth main game in the Fallout series and was released worldwide on November 10, 2015, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.The game is set within an open world post-apocalyptic environment that encompasses the city of Boston and the surrounding Massachusetts. Below are 47 working coupons for Fallout 4 Weapons Codes from reliable websites that we have updated for users to get maximum savings. Take action now for maximum saving as these discount codes will not valid forever. You can always come back for Fallout 4 Weapons Codes because we update all the latest coupons and special deals weekly I wanted to document all the item codes in Fallout 4 for personal use and I figured I would share my list as well. This is a personal project for me to use as a reference for Fallout 4 on the PC. For more details about using console commands on the PC for Fallout 4 check fallout.wikia.com you should be able to find everything you are looking for there

Fallout 4: cheat codes for God Mode, new weapons and items Fallout 4 can be a little easier with cheats. With Console Command Cheats you not only unlock God Mode, but also conjure coveted items and unlock certain abilities All Fallout 4 cheat codes work for the PC, Be transported to secret developer test area that has all the weapons, ammo, power armors, items & bobbleheads in the game in one spot! - To exit this area and go back to the normal game type: coc sanctuaryext or coc ufocrashsite0 Melee Weapons. Atom's Judgement [Far Harbor] - Reward for completing The Heretic. Bloodletter [Far Harbor] - Reward for completing Blood Tide. Cito's Shiny Slugger [Nuka World] - Reward for completing Safari Adventure, if Cito and his family are allowed to leave/stay. Fencebuster [Far Harbor] - Found in Vault 118 in a corner of the Atrium Fallout 4 Weapons And Ammo Codes And How To Add Ammo In Fallout 4 Console Commands Reviews : You want to buy Fallout 4 Weapons And Ammo Codes And How To Add Am

Fallout 4; Fallout 4 unique weapons guide. By Ian Birnbaum 27 November 2015. Comments; Shares. You could just cheat and use Fallout 4's console commands to enjoy an unlimited bounty of rare guns. Fallout 4 is out today (10 November) and for PC players that means a new Bethesda world to mess around in. As players around the world embark on their adventures in the Wasteland, cheat codes for. Junkyard 7. Metro 7. Military Base 7. Miscellaneous 13. Pier 5. Point of Interest 16. Police Station 7. Pond/Lake 8. Quarry 4

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Fallout 4 PC Item Codes. Here are the most common items you'll be needing in the wasteland, and the codes you need to summon them when using the console commands. Bottlecap 0000000F. Stimpack. Color Codes . Fallout 2 Exclusive Weapons; Fallout 2 Upgraded Weapons; Unarmed Unarmed Weapons . NAME DMG WG Brass Knuckles: 2-5 1 Spiked Knuckles: 4-10 1 Gloves . NAME DMG WG Boxing Gloves: 1-1 5 Plated Boxing Gloves: 2-5 10 Powered Gloves . NAME DMG AMMO CLIP WG Power Fist: 12-2

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Fallout 4: Weapons Workbench. Page Discussion Edit History. More... What links here; Related changes; Special pages; Printable version; Permanent link; Page information; A Weapon Workbench in Fallout 4. The Weapons Workbench is a Crafting Station in Fallout 4. Used to create Weapon Mods. Recipe . Build with: Material Quantity Wood: 3 Gear. Shop for Low Price Fallout 4 Weapons And Ammo Codes Pic And Fallout 4 Where Do I Get Cryolator Ammo Fallout 4 is a massive game and it is expected to some players missed out on some of the armors and weapons in the game. On this note, we present to you Most Use Fallout New Vegas Cheat Codes 2019. Now is the time to check out the console commands and cheat codes for this wonderful game. With these cheat codes, you can get access to the developer mode, new levels, new characters, unlimited health, weapons and ammo and what not Fallout 4 cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS4. and Codes for PS4. Jump to: Glitch (3) Unlockable (2) Tip (1) Unlockables Back to top. Bobblehead Locations Next, drop all.

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