Giorgione, vlastním jménem Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco, zvaný též Zorzo či Zorzi (1477/78 Castelfranco Veneto - podzim 1510 Benátky), byl italský renesanční malíř.O jeho životě víme velmi málo. Jméno Giorgione, což znamená Velký Giorgio, v roce 1548 poprvé použil Paolo Pino v knize Dialogo di Pittura, aby upozornil na malířovu velikost postavy i ducha Giorgione, extremely influential Italian painter who was one of the initiators of a High Renaissance style in Venetian art. His qualities of mood and mystery were epitomized in The Tempest (c. 1505), an evocative pastoral scene, which was among the first of its genre in Venetian painting. Nothin Giorgione (/ˌdʒɔːrdʒiˈoʊneɪ, -ni/, US: /ˌdʒɔːrˈdʒoʊni/; Italian: [dʒorˈdʒoːne]; born Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco; c. 1477/8-1510) was an Italian painter of the Venetian school in the High Renaissance from Venice, whose career was ended by his death at a little over 30. Giorgione is known for the elusive poetic quality of his work, though only about six surviving paintings are affirmatively acknowledged to be his modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Giorgio Barbarelli ou Zorzi da Vedelago ou da Castelfranco , dit Giorgione (Vedelago ou Castelfranco Veneto 1477 - Venise 1510) est le premier grand peintre vénitien du Cinquecento italien . Il n'a vécu que 32 ans. Il était cependant l'un des peintres les plus célèbres à Venise, de son vivant. La plupart de ses tableaux ont été commandés.

Spící Venuše (italsky Venere dormiente) je obraz italského renesančního malíře Giorgioneho.. Obraz, patřící k nejznámějším výtvarným dílům vůbec, je jednou z nemnohých prací, jejichž Giorgioneho autorství je bezpečně doloženo Giorgione byl obdivován staletí po své smrti. Jeho tvorba ovlivnila mnohé benátské malíře nastupující generace, jako například Titiana, Sebastiana del Piomba, Palmu il Vecchia, Dossa Dossiho a dokonce i jeho bývalého mistra Giovanniho Belliniho. Giorgione zemřel ve věku pouhých třiceti tří let v září roku 1510 v Benátkách Giorgione painted in Venice, and was a student of Giovanni Bellini, alongside Titian. Some sources speculate Titian was his student. After Giorgione's death Titian finished some of his paintings, which confuses attribution further. Giorgione, like his Florentine contemporary Leonardo da Vinci, used a technique called sfumato. Literally meaning.

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Giorgione - malíř poetických obrazů Pár dalších informací přináší jeho první životopisec Giorgio Vasari. Prý pocházel ze skromných poměrů z venkovského městečka Castelfranco, měl však vybrané chování a působil přátelsky Giorgione (Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco) byl benátský malíř, představitel vrcholné renesance. O jeho životě nemáme mnoho informací. Pocházel ze skromných poměrů z venkovského městečka Castelfranco Veneto, měl však vybrané chování a působil přátelsky Dostihová kariéra / Racing performances: 11.10.20: PE: P: I: 3200: Velek O. 68.0: Z / 8: Z-4-11-19-13: 0 Kč: 29.08.20: PE: P: IV: 3200: ž. Novák Ma Giorgione - Orto e cucina, Montefalco. 293K likes. Sono Giorgio Barchiesi per tutti Giorgione. Sono un quasi veterinario, amante della natura e dei suoi prodotti. Mi piacciono le cose belle e quelle..

Giorgione was born before the year 1477, and spent his childhood at Castelfranco, where the last crags of the Venetian Alps break down romantically, with something of parklike grace, to the plain. A natural child of the family of the Barbarelli by a peasant-girl of Vedelago, he finds his way early into the circle of notable persons—people of. Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco ( born 1477 or 1478, died 1510) was a Venetian painter. He is commonly known as Giorgione.He died a little over 30, probably of the plague.Today, only about six paintings can be clearly attributed to him Giorgione means 'big George'. He worked on a painting, since destroyed, for the Doge's Palace in Venice and, in 1508, on frescoes for the exterior of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi (the German merchants' warehouse) in Venice (fragments in the Ca' d'Oro, Venice)

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  1. Listen to this piece read by the author. G iorgione ( c .1477-1510) is unique among famous European painters in that at different periods he has been credited with entirely different pictures. Even today, there is great disagreement about what he actually painted. Of the 47 exhibits listed in the catalogue of the show at the Royal.
  2. eral-based pigments (yellow orpiment and orange realgar) to achieve deep and.
  3. There it was cut down by 17.5 cm on the left side, so that the depiction of nature which had originally formed a remarkably large part of the painting was considerably reduced and the slight asymmetry often found in Giorgione's compositions was somewhat lessened. Despite the early and rather general identification of the depicted figures as.
  4. We have reopened the Giorgione certain to be able to guarantee you a safe stay. The whole hotel is constantly sanitized and disinfected. The staff is trained and updated on all Covid-19 procedures in order to make your stay as safe as possible. We are sure of your kind collaboration. Covid-19 hotel protocol: All rooms are sanitized and disinfected
  5. ed the development of 16th-century Venetian painting. There are but a few generally accepted, non-controversial works from his hand and one of these is the Hermitage's Judith. This biblical heroine, who saved her native city of Bethulia from attack by the Assyrians, was extremely popular during the Renaissance . Despite the historical subject, the painting is.

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In Giorgione: Works. The Tempest is a milestone in Renaissance landscape painting, with its dramatization of a storm about to break. Here is the kind of poetic interpretation of nature that the Renaissance writers Pietro Bembo and Jacopo Sannazzaro evoked. This feeling for nature is probably also intimatel Buona domenica amici, oggi voglio condividere con voi una bella novità. Io intanto mi incammino e se voi volete seguirmi vi aspetto prossimamente su.. Giorgione: Giorgione, 1941. Cena 120 Kč Hotel Hotel Giorgione získal od našich hostů hodnocení Velmi dobrý. Prohlédněte si jeho fotky, přečtěte si autentická hodnocení skutečných hostů a rezervujte si ho unás se zárukou ceny. Přihlásíte-li se k odběru našich e-mailů, budete navíc dostávat informace o exkluzivních nabídkách a slevových akcích Giorgione together with Titian, who was little younger, continue with developing of master's style and often co-operate on the same commission. In March 1500 Leonardo da Vinci was in Venice, from which Giorgione learned technique aniera moderna, that is sfumato, later typical for Titian

Giorgione, The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1505-1510, oil on panel, 90.8 x 110.5 cm / 35 3/4 x 43 1/2 in. (National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.) Speakers: Dr. Heather Horton and Dr. Mark Trowbridg Stránka Giorgione je dostupná v 57 dalších jazycích. Návrat na stránku Giorgione. Jazyky. azərbaycanca; Bahasa Melayu; bosanski; brezhone View deals for Hotel Giorgione, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation. Guests praise the quiet location. Grand Canal is minutes away. WiFi is free, and this hotel also features a bar and a rooftop terrace Kniha na prodej: Pignatti, Terisio: Giorgione - Werkverzeichnis, 1980. Cena 155 Kč. Antikvariát 1 Giorgione, along with his almost contemporary and at one time assistant, Titian, brought much innovation to the style of portrait painting. While it is said that Titian went on to surpass Giorgione as a portraitist, the early work of Titian is sometimes indistinguishable from Giorgione

Located in the Cannaregio district, Giorgione Hotel is a 15-minute walk from St Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace. This is our guests' favourite part of Venice, according to independent reviews. Couples particularly like the location — they rated it 9.2 for a two-person trip A monograph about Giorgione the painter, who died in 1510 against the backdrop of an extraordinarily vibrant Venice. celá specifikace. V porovnání cen u tohoto produktu již není zařazen žádný obchod. Vyhledat produkt ve fulltextu Porovnání cen.


  1. E lesanv Giorgione (Giorgione pe Zorzon a dalv kement ha Jorj vras) a vije bet roet dezhañ gant Vasari , « abalamour d'e stumm ha d'e ene uhel ». Hervez an istorourien e vije a renk izel, met Carlo Ridolfi, a skrivas e-barzh La Maraviglia dell'arte (1648), « e oa ganet Giorgione e Vedelago en un tiegezh dezhañ kalzik a beadra »
  2. Giorgione, the Adoration of the Shepherds. Bellini and Titian, the Feast of the Gods. Titian, Pastoral Concert. Titian, Noli me Tangere. Titian, Assumption of the Virgin. Titian, Madonna of the Pesaro Family. Titian, Bacchus and Ariadne. Titian, two portraits of Pietro Aretino
  3. Aukce 1739174 Pohlednice - 415905 Giorgione cena: 8 Kč končí: 10. 12. 21:05. Aukce auktiva
  4. Childhood. Giorgio da Castelfranco was born around 1477 in the small northern Italian town of Castelfranco Veneto, some twenty-five miles inland from the Republic of Venice. Passed down by posterity, the name Giorgione - Big or Tall George - tells us something perhaps about his physical stature while legend has tended to view him as a handsome.
  5. George Martin Richter, Giorgio da Castelfranco, Called Giorgione (1937), is a scholarly work in which all important documents and original sources are reprinted, including the accounts of Marcantonio Michiel (1532), Giorgio Vasari (1568), and Carlo Ridolfi (1648). A brief, more popular book is Duncan Phillips, The Leadership of Giorgione (193

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  1. Giorgione definition: Il. original name Giorgio Barbarelli. ?1478-1511, Italian painter of the Venetian school,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example
  2. The shape and subject matter of this picture suggest that it was possibly painted as part of the predella (or lower part) of an altarpiece, although predellas were already rare in Venetian art during Giorgione's lifetime. The Virgin, Child and Saint Joseph are sitting on the steps of the stable.
  3. Giorgio de Castelfranco nodidu comente Giorgione fit naschidu in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) (1477 e mortu de peste a Venezia in santuaine 1510).Pintore mannu e enigmaticu. S'obera sua ada influentzadu medas artistas ispetzialmente po s'impreu de su colore. Oberas. Sa Tempesta
  4. Rear Admiral Michael Giorgione, CEC, USN (Ret.) served 29 years on active duty in the United States Navy, retiring in 2010. He served as the Commander of Camp David for President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush, working under the White House Military Office (WHMO), the organization also responsible for Air Force One, Marine One, the Military Aides, and other WHMO units
  5. Giorgione. AKA Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco. Born: c. 1477 Birthplace: Castelfranco Veneto, Venice, Italy Died: 1510 Location of death: Venice, Italy Cause of death: Bubonic Plague. Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic Race or Ethnicity: White Occupation: Painter. Nationality: Italy Executive summary: Enigmatic Italian portraitis
  6. The Tempest By Giorgione. Considered to be one of the Greatest Paintings Ever.. The Tempest (1508) Contents • Description • Analysis • What is the Meaning of the Tempest? • Other Venetian Paintings Explained Description. Name: The Tempest (La Tempesta
  7. Giorgione, renowned Venetian artist of the 16 th century, was one of the most influential masters of the renaissance. The Sleeping Venus, also known as The Dresden Venus, is a world-famous treasure which was left unfinished on his death in 1510

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The Female Model and the Renaissance Nude: Darer, Giorgione, and Raphael For Richard Krautheimer Artists of the Renaissance are rightly credited with invent-ing a wide range of new images that depict nude, partially nude, or bare-breasted women. 1 This article studies that inno-vation by considering the history of the female model. It dis Giorgione / Terisio Pignatti. -- 1. ed.. -- Verona : A. Mondadori, 1955. -- 171 s. : il. ; 19 cm. -- (Biblioteca moderna Mondadori ; 427 Giorgione is known for the elusive poetic quality of his work, though only about six surviving paintings are acknowledged for certain to be his work. The resulting uncertainty about the identity and meaning of his art has made Giorgione one of the most mysterious figures in European painting. Giorgione studerte under Giovanni Bellini.Selv om Giorgione har hatt stor innflytelse på senere malere, deriblant Tizian, er det lite som er kjent om hans liv.Hans mest kjente verk er maleriet «La Tempesta», «Stormen» (omkring 1506). «Stormen» har vært et meget stort diskusjonstema blant kunsthistorikere Giorgione exploited the new style evolved in Venice through sensual subject matter. The Sleeping Venus is a case in point. The reclining figure was originally accompanied by a small figure of Cupid, but this figure was painted over in 1843. Giorgione placed the Venus across the whole width of the painting

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Osteria Giorgione, Venice: See 236 unbiased reviews of Osteria Giorgione, rated 4.5 of 5, and one of 1,538 Venice restaurants on Tripadvisor Počasí Giorgione, Itálie. Podrobná hodinová předpověď počasí, dnes, zítra, pozítří, výhled počasí na 10 dnů Giorgione. Předpověď z yr.no. Teplota. Giorgione / Guiseppe Fiocco. -- Bergamo : Ist. Italiano d´arti grafiche, 1948. -- 50-/vi/ s Giorgione is for the sophisticated palate that craves simple, authentic Italian fare coupled with an ambiance that is modern yet warm, elegant and fun! Menu. View menu on restaurant's website. What 689 people are saying Write a review. Overall ratings and reviews. Created with Sketch Giorgione's reasoning for such a commitment is unknown, but an emphasis on landscapes had developed following the Romantic Movement. Leonardo da Vinci: It's understood that Giorgione met Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500s, and many commentators say that this meeting had a profound affect on Giorgione's oil painting in particular

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  1. Vyhledávání: Giorgione, Žádné výsledky! Vaše hledání - Giorgione, - nebyl nalezen žádný výskyt. Zkuste rozšířít hledání na Vše. Více výsledků můžete získat úpravou Vašeho dotazu. Odstraněním uvozovek můžete získat více výsledků: Giorgione,. Zobrazit pouze dostupné tituly.
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  3. Walter Pater - Giorgione
  4. Giorgione - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi
  5. Giorgione (active 1506; died 1510) National Gallery, Londo

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  2. 100+ GIORGIONE ideas high renaissance, italian painters
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  4. Giorgione High Renaissance painter Tutt'Art@ Pittura
  5. Charles Hope · At the Royal Academy: Giorgione · LRB 30
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