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Bane is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.Created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan, he made his debut in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993). Bane is usually depicted as an adversary of the superhero Batman and belongs to the collective of enemies that make up the Batman rogues gallery.. Directed by Kevin Altieri. With Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Henry Silva. Rupert Thorne hires steroid-enhanced mercenary Bane to eliminate Batman NOTE: This page is for the incarnation of Bane from Christopher Nolan's movie. The mainstream version can be found here: Bane (DC) Bane is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Talia al Ghul) of The Dark Knight Rises. He was a ruthless terrorist and the field commander of the League of Shadows who sought to fulfill the destiny that the league's founder Ra's al Ghul had been previously. Epic Fight Scene Between Batman and Bane In The Dark Knight Rises , Enjoy! I don't own anything in this clip, only for entertainment purposes

ARE YOU A FAN OF MAN OF STEEL ???HERE IS NEW CHANEL SUBSCRIBEhttp://www.youtube.com/user/ManOfSteelGaller Directed by Christopher Nolan. With Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman. Eight years after the Joker's reign of anarchy, Batman, with the help of the enigmatic Catwoman, is forced from his exile to save Gotham City from the brutal guerrilla terrorist Bane B ane may not be the most celebrated villain in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, but he still has some great quotes. We're going to rank the best Bane quotes in The Dark Knight Rises by diving into the mind of the masked mercenary. Let's be honest, it wasn't easy to hear what he was saying underneath the mask — which is a shame because his dialogue was really good Bane is a fictional supervillain appearing in American funny books published by DC Comics. Created by Dennis O'Neil, Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan, he made his debut in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993). Bane is usually depicted as an adversary of the superhero Batman and belongs to the collective of enemies that make up the Batman rogues gallery Here are some of the best quotes from Bane that come from The Dark Knight Rises. 10. Victory has defeated you. Batman has dealt with plenty of loss in his life, but having cleaned up Gotham.

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Imprisoned from birth to serve his dead father's sentence, Bane was raised inside the horrific environment of a Santa Prisca prison. Subjected to military experiments with the experimental super-soldier serum/ultra-steroid, Venom, his superhuman strength and iron-forged will helped him escape. Determined to build a criminal empire, he sought out Batman and broke the Dark Knight's spine. But. Herec ale údajně požadoval moc peněz. -Původně se do tohoto filmu počítalo, že znovu bude hrát Batman and Robin (1949) Superman (1948) The Batman (1943) Tagy . podle komiksu, superhrdina, DC Comics, Batman, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Deathstroke. Reklama. Česko-Slovenská. Great deals on Bane Batman Action Figures. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items Bane with Two-Face and Scarecrow at Joshua Cobblepot's bar mitzvah. Bane is introduced gossiping about the Joker being dumped by Harley Quinn with Scarecrow at the Legion of Doom.He later went to The Penguin's nephew Joshua Cobblepot's bar mitzvah with Scarecrow and Two-Face, and bantered with Harley when she arrived at their table.However, the Joker soon arrived and drove her off, yelling at.

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  1. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first [
  2. Batman - Když byl Bruce Wayne malý, zabili mu rodiče. Jako dospělý se rozhodl vrátit do rodného města Gotham spravedlnost a jako Batman chránit spravedlnost. Navštivte náš web věnovaný komiksovému, seriálovému i filmovému fenoménu Batman
  3. Bane might actually be in The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson as Dave Bautista hints the character might be included in the flick.. The actor known for playing Marvel's Drax responded to a fan noting how an article speculates Dave Bautista could be playing Bane in The Batman, where Bautista actually says he tried to make it happen
  4. Velkoměsto Gotham City je sužováno gangstery, které vede kyselinou děsivě znetvořený Joker. Policie se zdá být bezmocná. Mnohem větší respekt mezi zločinci budí maskovaný netopýří muž - Batman - objevující se vždy tam, kde je páchána nějak
  5. Bane (pol. Zguba, pełne nazwisko nieznane, znane jest jedynie jego nazwisko po ojcu Dorrance) - fikcyjna postać (złoczyńca) znana z różnych serii komiksowych o przygodach Batmana, wydawanych przez DC Comics.Został stworzony przez Chucka Dixona, Douga Moencha, i Grahama Nolana, pierwszy raz pojawił się w Batman: Vengeance of Bane vol 1 #1 (styczeń 1993)
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  7. To be fair, Bane's image in the comics wouldn't have meshed with the tone of Nolan's universe at all, but below, you can see a more faithful take. Dave Bautista Becomes Bane In This Batman.

Despite his best efforts, Dave Batista won't play Bane in The Batman. That doesn't mean fans can't imagine what Bautista might look like in costume as the character. Artist Saarukan Suhanthan put. Bane is a majorantagonist in the Batman: Arkham videogame series, appearing as the overarching antagonist ofBatman: Arkham Asylum, a minor antagonist in both Batman: Arkham City and the 2014 animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham, the secondary antagonist of Batman: Arkham Origins, a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, and a mentioned antagonist in Batman: Arkham. Bane reads men like most read an issue of Detective Comics - he could see with but a glance that Batman (Jean-Paul Valley) wasn't Batman (Bruce Wayne), and after watching Wayne for a few minutes Bane intuitively realised that he was Batman. Bane seems trained with all weapons, from shivs to sniper rifles and all the way to missile launchers make offer - batman unlimited - gotham city bane - 7 action figure dc comics mattel 2013 Batman The Animated Series Bane Action Figure, Kenner, Carded, 1994 £34.0

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  1. I Am Bane is a five-part Batman story-line written by Tom King and illustrated by David Finch, featuring Bane's attack on Gotham City, following the events of I Am Suicide. Over the course of five days, Batman attempts to fend o 1 Synopsis 2 Issues 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Recommended Reading 6 Links and References I Am Bane is a five-part Batman story-line written by Tom King and illustrated by.
  2. BANE: Let's not stand on ceremony here, Mr. Wayne. *Batman charges at Bane and they begin to fight* BANE: Peace has cost you your strength, victory has defeated you. *Bane begins to win the fight.
  3. g DC Multiverse Robin Figure.However, at the end of the video, he gives fans a preview of the upco
  4. However, you know it has to be extreme in order to rival the Batman! (This training gave him the mental and physical strength to withstand the Venom serum.) In any case, I have added a little bit to make the workout slightly more well-rounded. Bane's Solitary Confinement Workout. 1,000 Push-ups (any hand position) 1,000 Sit-up
  5. Finished Bane (w/ coat) looks great, co workers loves the 3d mask design. I want to do the sans coat one, but don't want another duplicate (even though I have two batman/catwoman on my desk already.) 6 May 2013 at 15:0
  6. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about Bane and the Batman franchise in general. 1. Why does Bane wear the mask? According to the director of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan: Bane is someone ravaged by pain from a trauma suffered long ago, and the mask dispenses a type of anesthetic that keeps his pain just below.
  7. In the first part of a City of Bane interlude, Batman receives help from an ally he thought he had lost for good: Catwoman! Still recovering from the beatings he took from Bane and Flashpoint Batman, the Dark Knight readies himself for a return to Gotham City, and it's Selina Kyle who holds the key. She knows how Bane is fueling his regime, and she'll help Batman shut down the supply.

[Bane viciously beats Batman and throws him to the ground] Bane: I am the League of Shadows, and I'm here to fulfill Ra's al Ghul's destiny! Bruce Wayne/Batman: You fight like a younger man, with. Introduced in 1993, Bane has become a fan favourite character in Batman mythology.He has appeared in various iconic storylines, including the long-running and often celebrated, Knightfall story, which ran across multiple Batman comics during the 1990s. But if you are familiar with Bane, then you may be asking yourself one very important question: Why, in his movie debut in Batman & Robin (1997.

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I am Bane, the third volume of Tom King;s Batman run (which almost all of my Goodreads comics readers read when it came out 14 months ago), contains two main stories; one is a confrontation between Batman with Bane, who we learn (from him) is not just one of your typical cartoony Batman nemeses, such as jokers, riddlers, two-faces, cats, penguins and so on, but the Real Deal monster, though we. Meme Status Confirmed Type: Pop Culture Reference, Slang Year 2011 Origin 4chan Tags 4chan, batman, reddit, /tv/, bane, christopher nolan, the dark knight rises, cia, tom hardy, baneposting, aidan gillen, movie quote, ciass, muh waifu Additional References Reddit About. Baneposting is the act of referencing and parodying an awkward dialogue between a CIA agent and the captive villain Bane from.

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Did you scroll all this way to get facts about bane batman? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 816 bane batman for sale on Etsy, and they cost $18.64 on average. The most common bane batman material is plastic. The most popular color? You guessed it: black Bane is a constant enemy to Batman. With his use of Venom, he can increase his strength to far beyond that of a normal human. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Abilities 2.2 Weaknesses 3 Paraphernalia 3.1 Equipment 4 Notes 5 Related 5.1 Footnotes After several encounters with the Batman, Bane broke out of jail and immediately began to wreck havoc again. The villain attacked a Gotham bank. The Dark Knight Rises shows that Hollywood blockbusters are precise indicators of the ideological predicaments of our societies. Here is the storyline. Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the previous instalment of Chris­topher Nolan's Batman series, law and order prevail in Gotham City. Under the extraordinary powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Gordon has nearly. Dec 2, 2020 - Explore C R's board Bane, followed by 2013 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bane, batman, bane batman

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Bane wanted power and strength. He was not after Batman. He just did not want Gotham city to see him as a hero. He did not want Batman to be the savior of the city. Bane and Batman share a lot of physical clashes in the movie. The makers of the movie were able to translate the clashes of Batman and Bane from the comics in the movi This Museum Masterline Bane statue is sculpted based on one of the iconic scenes. Likewise, his costume, he is wearing a highly detailed Bane mask and under the tactical vest armor from the scene in the sewer from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. This design represents perfectly Bane appearance once he met Batman in the sewer @TheMadBreaker this is the only one that does it that you have released. He looks like he has sharp edges, if that is a better way to explain it. Your others were smooth and rounded where they need to be, where on Bane, (especially noticed on the tricep meat area) it's very edgy

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Previously on DC Universe Rebirth's Batman: Batman (Vol. 1) I Am Gotham by Tom King Batman (Vol. 1.5.) Night of the Monster Men by Steve Orlando Batman (Vol. 2) I Am Suicide by Tom King Batman (Vol. 3) I Am Bane by Tom King Batman/The Flash (Vol. 3.5) The Button by Tom King Batman (Vol. 4) The War of Jokes and Riddles by Tom Kin Why are you here? Bane exposes/defames Harvey Dent. Bane vs. Batman. Bane imprisons Bruce in The Pit. Promotional image. Promotional image. Poster featuring Bane. Limited edition IMAX poster featuring Bane. Add a photo to this gallery. The Dark Knight Rises IOS Game Dec 26, 2019 - Explore Daitonhassett's board Bane batman on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bane batman, Bane, Pokemon fake The seemingly unstoppable Batman supervillain — who first appeared in the pages of DC Comics in 1993 — is most well known via Tom Hardy's portrayal in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises.The hulking. This limited edition diorama is crafted from polystone and is based on concept art by official DC Comics artist Ivan Reis. Standing approximately 22 inches tall the hand-painted diorama features an epic battle between Pena Duro, also known as Bane, one of Batman's most dangerous adversaries and The Dark Knight

Here's a GREAT piece of artwork by comic book artist / publisher of KASO COMICS~ ANTHONY CACIOPPO. This is a pinup of BATMAN'S BANE. Done with fellow comic book artist~CHUCK FOULDS(pencils). SIMPLY STUNNING LINE WORK. (PLEASE NOTE: ALL ARTWORK IS ORIGINAL. SOME DRAWINGS MAYBE RECREATIONS, REPENCILED OR REINKED WORK) Batman: Bane of the Demon #3 Batman: Bane of the Demon #4. Read Batman: Legacy here. Read Batman: Cataclysm here. Read Batman: No Man's Land here. Detective Comics #742 Detective Comics #743 Detective Comics #744 Detective Comics #745 Detective Comics #746 Detective Comics #747 Detective Comics #748 Detective Comics #749 Detective Comics #750. Fact-O-Meter: In Dark Knight Rises, 'Bane' Tom Hardy Looked Taller Than 'Batman' Christian Bale, Here's How It Was Pulled Off The Dark Knight Rises did justice to The Dark Knight trilogy The fan wrote, I just read an article speculating that @DaveBautista may be, should be, could be, playing Bane in the new #Batman movie with Robert Pattison. Please, DC movies...make it happen. The bestselling City of Bane epic is collected in one volume, bringing writer Tom King's Batman saga to a bloody and brutal end! Bane's minions have taken control of Gotham City and are ruling with an iron fist, and Batman is nowhere to be found. Instead, the Flashpoint Batman-Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father from an alternate timeline-is patrolling the city, dispensing a violent.

1966-1968 - Batman - seriál, 120 dílů, v hlavní roli Adam West 2002-2003 - Birds of Prey - seriál z prostředí Gotham City, v roli Batmana neznámý herec 2014-2019 - Gotham - seriál z prostředí Gotham City, v roli Bruce Waynea David Mazouz 2018-dosud - Titans - seriál o týmu Teen Titans, v roli Batmana Iain Glen. Here's what Avengers: Endgame star Dave Bautista could look like as Bane in Matt Reeves' The Batman. View this post on Instagram. The Batman 2021 started filming!! Here's a quick edit of.

Batman needs all the gizmos he can muster, if he is to defeat his latest and most potent foe. Bane (Tom Hardy) is a muscleman, who was, we are told, born and raised in Hell on earth, which. A fan tweeted, I just read an article speculating that @DaveBautista may be, should be, could be, playing Bane in the new #Batman movie with Robert Pattison. Please, DC moviesmake it happen Bane first appeared in 1993, about six months before our story today. Psychopathic, certified genius, and incredibly strong (even more so on his venom stuff), he decides he wants to destroy Batman. Y'know, because if Batman's the strongest, then that's who he has to beat The Venom-infused super-villain is coming for Batman, and he's doing it in the Gallery statue line! This approximately 9-inch tall plastic statue of Bane depicts the muscle-bound misanthrope clutching Batman's cowl in one hand, with his Venom tube snakingdown the other. Made of high-quality PVC, it.

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Bane is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, he made his debut in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1. Bane was forced to become a test subject for a mysterious drug known as Venom, which nearly kills him at first, but he survives and finds its effects enhance his physical strength BATMAN & ROBIN - Bane 5 Action Figure 1997 Kenner DC Comics Loose Vintage Toy £7.00 DC Batman The Animated Series New adventures BANE Action Figure 46 Rare Red Car Bane is a fictional Batman character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.Created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan, he made his debut in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993). Bane is a supervillain who appears in the Batman comics. He is physically strong and wears a Mexican wrestlers mask. He has a tube that connects from his body to a chemical tank.

Prolific Batman writer Chuck Dixon and the creator of Batman villain Bane alongside Graham Nolan recently revealed that DC Comics editorial wanted to change the villain's name. In his most recent Ask Chuck Dixon video, Dixon was asked a question by Barry Mitchell, If you wouldn't have come up with the name Bane Bane (Batman The Animated Series) Bane (Batman The Animated Series) With body-slam arm action and venom tube! $ 29.99 $39.99 You Save $10.00 in stock. Qty. About Us and How to Place an Order. Cancellation and Return Policy. Contact Us. Click here to Register. The Dark Knight Creases: Fold Your Own Batman, Bane, and Catwoman Masks. Print out Vulture's Batman mask here. Photo: Patrick Sullivan. Print out Vulture's Bane mask here. Photo: Patrick. 1) Bane Breaks The Pillar/Column In The Second Bane vs Batman Fight Scene: Near the end of the film, Batman disconnected the tubes on Bane's mask which fed him the painkillers Exclusive: Mondo gave Batman News a sneak peek at Phantom City Creative's latest Batman: The Animated Series poster that will be available this Friday... Batman Beyond #45 review Michael Escalante.

Robert Pattinson has taken on the role of the new Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves' noir-influenced The Batman, but Bane is not among the long roster of villains joining the DC flick. Stay tuned. Answer 1 of 16: I want to buy a high quality bane mask. But I dont know where to buy one. Can you tell me The character of Bane was first created in 1993, at which time Romney was working for Bain in virtual obscurity, while his rival Obama was an associate at a law firm specialising in civil rights The first confrontation between Batman and Bane in the sewers of Gotham was memorable, and Batman loses, hard. Bane broke the Bat in spirit. Not to forget, Tom Hardy's Bane voice, easily replicated by speaking with an english-type accent into a Solo cup is much more pleasant than that horrible gravel filled throat that Batman does

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Did you scroll all this way to get facts about batman bane? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 999 batman bane for sale on Etsy, and they cost $25.55 on average. The most common batman bane material is plastic. The most popular color? You guessed it: black If Bane can learn to talk through that mask, so can we. — Dr F. W. Blink (@DrBlinkShrink) May 12, 2020. Idk how Bane does this shit. Just thinking of fighting Batman with a mask on is making me. City of Bane Conclusion; Epilogue last edited by pmn1987 on 01/04/20 07:44AM View full history The stunning conclusion to City of Bane is here! How will Flashpoint Batman be vanquished from. Now, Batman must think of a new way to stop this menace. Batman comes up with the Batbot to defeat Bane! Read the post HERE! Other Mattel The Batman action figures: The Batman by Mattel, Mattel Bruce Wayne to Batman transformation, Mattel The Joker, Man-Bat, Batman & Man-Bat face-off, Bane, Bane vs Batman, Batbot, Mr Freeze and Anti-Freeze Batman

Now to fight Bane, you need to sneak around the square area and try to silently get behind him. For more tactics here's our full Batman: Arkham Origins boss guide! See comments. Topics. bane. Bane and Gain achievement in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham: Transformed Bane into Bane (Venom-Powered) - worth 20 Gamerscor Marvel Cinematic Universe star Dave Bautista says he tried to make the trip to Gotham City as Bane. Fans have wondered if Bautista could play the villain in the upcoming film The Batman since the. Naked & Famous Introduces Batman to the World of Raw Denim: The Dark Knight is joined by Robin, Bane, Harley Quinn, and of course, the Joker Bane lifted Batman with 1 hand AND walked casually like 6 - 10 steps with him while he was talking and AFTER tanking a bunch of Bale's punches who was going all out. He literally stomped Bale in.

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Bane was the friend and protector of Talia al Ghul and the field commander of the League of Shadows. He was potent in both strategy and physical combat. He defeated the Batman in combat and manipulated the citizens of Gotham City with skilled oratory until Batman's recovery and return. He displayed his personality predominantly through expressions in his eyes. Bane's physical appearance was. I'm Gotham's reckoning, here to end the borrowed time you've all been living on. Prime 1 Studio is proud to present 1:3 Scale MMTDKR-03: Bane Bust from The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Famous English actor and producer, Tom. Here, even as the Bat-family descends on Bane's minions and begins taking back the city, Batman's narration diverts attention elsewhere. The end result is that all the fighting becomes secondary.

Summary. Bane is an international super-criminal who used his intellect and immense strength, enhanced by a drug called Venom, in his pursuit for power.He once set his sights on Gotham City, making him an enemy of Batman. Powers and Stats. Tier: At least 8-C | High 8-C. Name: Bane Origins: DC Comics Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Human Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical. Shop Bane batman t-shirts designed by dlo168 as well as other batman merchandise at TeePublic

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In 2015, DC started publishing a new series of trade paperbacks collecting Robin (Vol. 1-4). Robin, Volume 1: Reborn collects:. Batman (Vol. 1) #455-457 (previously collected in Robin: A Hero Reborn, earlier on the timeline);; Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #618-621 (previously collected in Robin: Tragedy & Triumph, earlier on the timeline);; Robin (Vol. 1) #1-5 (previously collected in Robin: A. Apr 9, 2017 - Yeah, Batman is still here. Respect! The finale of I am Bane, the fourth arc of writer Tom King's run on Batman, comes to a close in.

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The last time we saw Bane on the big screen was in The Dark Knight Rises, but it seems there's already been discussions at Warner Bros. about bringing him back, either for a solo outing or The. Make Offer - Adventures of Batman And Robin Animated Series JOKER & BANE Action Figures 1995 Bane (No. 19) — The New Batman Adventures (DC Collectibles, 2015) — New C $57.7 Dave Bautista denied reports that he would be playing the role of Bane in Matt Reeves' The Batman, although he said he tried his best to get the role That's a line from Bane—the Batman villain most recently popularized by Tom Hardy in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. A bit later, having arrived at the protest, the pair offered more rationale.

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Fans of the DCEU and those waiting for Matt Reeves' The Batman want to see Dave Bautista as Bane and now, some new fan art gives us a look at just that The Bane™ big figure features posable arms and legs, and has a Venom backpack. Weapons include Batman's Batarang and Mutant Leader's torch. Accessory elements include Batman's cape and molded utility belt. Bane™ stands over 2 (7cm) tall. Toxic Truck measures over 4 (11cm) high, 6 (17cm) long and 3 (9cm) wide Why is Batman here? Posted 7 years ago 24 notes . Tagged: batman, dark knight, boston, bombings, blooddonations, . Fus Roh Iamthenight. Posted 7 years ago go home batman. Posted 8 years ago 69 notes . Tagged: batman, drunk, go home, . Who you gonna call. Posted 8 years ago. Batman: A dark gray color scheme with lots or armor plating, a utility belt, double-sided head, and excellent back printing. Bane: A minifigure based on his movie appearance, Bane has printing on the back of his head and a bunch of cool printed details on both sides of his torso

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'Bane vs Batman' Work in progress. Here is Sideshow version Bane and Batman on the rooftop about to fight. Bane is crushing the bat signal while looking down at Batman. This will be finished early.. By Alex Batts - The end begins.With the release of Batman #75 this week , the final story arc of Tom King's Batman epic gets underway.City of Bane is the beginning of the end for the journey the Caped Crusader has been on since issue #1 back in 2016 at the start of DC Rebirth.Though this won't be the final story King tells with the Dark Knight (see Batman/Catwoman, a 12-issue maxi series.

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